Finding my voice
Finding Your Voice

Meeting 1 in Slovenia:

Album 1

Album 2

Meeting 2 in Liverpool and Arklow the 28th of February - 6th of Mars:

From visit to Upton Hall School in Wirral

From visit to ther Town Hall in Wallasey Wirral

Tour to Liverpool

St. Mary College Arklow

Meeting 3 in Reykjavík 7th - 11th of April:

Album from meeting in Reykjavik

Meeting 4 in Almanza 29th - 2nd of September

Album from meeting in Spain

Meeting 5 in Isparta in Turkey 17th - 21st of November

Album 1 from meeting in Turkey

Album 2 from meeting in Turkey

Meeting 6 in Bacau in Romania the 15th - 19th of Mars 2012